Listed below are some ways to give financially at Eden. We have a number of options available for you, including our new contactless e-transfer function. If you are new or visiting, please don't feel obligated to give. We're glad you're here. 

All donations will be deposited each Friday during this time.

We thank you very much for continuing to generously support the work of Eden Mennonite Church.


You can send us an e-transfer directly through your online banking to 



If you would prefer, we are still accepting cash and cheque donations. Feel free to come by the church office any time during regular office hours (9am-1pm Tuesday-Friday) to drop them off and have a visit with our staff. You can also mail in your donations to the church or request that someone come pick it up at your location.


We also have an auto-debit system available. If you would like to be set up with that, please contact the church office and we will get that started for you