On the recommendations of Mennonite Church British Columbia (MCBC), Eden's sunday services have been suspended until further notice. An On-Demand recording of the Sermon will be available each Friday and will be broadcast in the the Redwood Complex during the regular Sunday Service time.

As we navigate this reality that is so new to us, may we be encouraged that even though we are unable to meet together communally, we are finding new and creative ways to be the church among each other, our community and our world. We encourage you, our Eden family, to keep maintaining our postures of grace and prayer, and to keep being mindful of those who are vulnerable.

We have developed a number of programs and opportunities for connection to be done online through our social media engagements and on Zoom. Our sermons are available on audio format for listening through our website, and we are also on Spotify! If you would like more information on what we have available, please feel free to contact us.

We are aware of the beginning of easing of restrictions, and will be monitoring closely what information our government and health authorities provide.

We are pleased with the amount of participation and engagement our Sunday Morning Bible Reflection Services have been fostering. For the remainder of the summer, we are scaling down to one service per week at 11am on Sundays. Please register with the church office if you would like to attend. 

We thank you for your continued support and engagement during this time. Let us remember that Jesus is the Centre of our Faith. Community is the Centre of our Lives. Grace is the Centre of our Posture. Reconciliation is the Centre of our Work.

The Health & Safety Committee is currently working on a COVID-19 Safety Plan for our church as we are moving to more in-person ways to meet together. 

*updated August 25, 2020